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A Curious Eye

My name's Ben. I'm a 22 year-old recent grad living in Seattle. I've been told my gayness is only matched by my enthusiasm.
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Effort to restore grizzlies in North Cascades gets rolling

Highest Minimum-Wage State Washington Beats U.S. in Job Creation

50 Washington Facts They Never Taught You In School

Today Washington Tackled One Drug Bogeyman-So What's Next?

When Washington became the second state to allow legal sales of recreational marijuana last week, Seattle only had a single store, Cannabis City, open for business. It ran out of weed in three days.



Today is the last day for you to register to vote in Washington’s upcoming primaries!


^^Really very sorry for using Chris Matthews but I mean homeboy has a point so like whatever.

Go here to vote/make sure your voter reg is up to date.

The August 5 primary will give you a chance to vote on some parks, which we’ll explain more later. 

REMEMBER: Intelligent people vote. Cool, attractive, sexy people vote. None of the women of the Ish would even consider putting our genitals or brains near anyone who didn’t vote. VOTING IS THAT IMPORTANT.

Washington state loves Obamacare — and still has challenges making it work

There are some new laws going into effect today. They include:


  • No tanning for teens!
  • Yes applying for college for kids who weren’t born in the US (YAY)!
  • Yes in-state tuition for military vets!
  • YES YES YES for expunging the bogus criminal records of Native American activists like the late Billy Frank, Jr.!
  • YES for the forced surrender of firearms by those who have restraining orders against them due to domestic violence!!!
  • YES to a bunch of laws about human trafficking, including one that victims of trafficking to have prostitution charges cleared (though we wish ALL sex workers had that ability because fuck the criminalization of voluntary sex work!)

All things told, there are around 200 laws that went into effect today. 

Seattle approves a $15 minimum wage, highest in nation


Seattle Times: The Seattle City Council Monday approved a $15 minimum wage, creating a path over the next 7 years to provide the city’s lowest-paid workers the nation’s highest minimum wage.

Fast-food workers, union organizers and labor activists celebrated on the steps of City Hall after the historic vote with cake and ice cream provided by some local small businesses who joined in support of a plan that will phase-in the $15 minimum over the next seven years.

Here’s what Seattle’s tallest tower could look like, if it's built