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Tuition hikes squeeze middle-class students

This Could Be the Key to Making Downtowns Greener

The two green walls, each 10-by-10 feet, will together hold more than 500 plants, including 23 species, 70 percent native to the Pacific Northwest. SolTerra, a Pacific Northwest firm, built and will install the green wall, which is composed of permeable fabric mounted on an aluminum frame … Along with measuring plant growth, the Green  Futures Lab team will monitor such things as building and local air temperature impacts, biodiversity and water use in the areas affected by the walls and screen.

The Edible Green Screen, a system of 39-foot steel cables, will actually be a giant trellis, holding hops and kiwi vines grown from the ground.  Hops were chosen because of visual appeal, fast growth and fun, Rottle said.  UW Farm, the demonstration project on sustainable urban agriculture, is interested in harvesting the kiwi, chosen for its hardiness, beauty of its vine and fruit, and appropriateness for a south wall in Seattle.

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UW Class of 2013 Sees Tuition Rise 82 Percent Over Four Years

Republican Senators blocked a Democratic bill yesterday thatwould have kept interest rates on federal college loans from doublingcome July. Yet one more blow to students who have seen tuition rates skyrocket at public universities nationwide as states struggle to close Great Recession induced budget gaps.

Here in Washington the defunding of public universities has been particularly awful, resulting in four years of double-digit tuition increases. At the University of Washington the Class of 2013 paid tuition and fees totaling $6,802 for their 2008-2009 freshman academic year; their senior year will cost them $12,385, an 82 percent increase over four years. That’san average annual tuition hike of 16.2 percent a year(or 20.5 percent “every single year” inMcKenna Math™) over a four-year period when Washington’s median household income has actually fallen.

But more than just a cyclical blip this shift in the burden of paying for higher education from society as a whole to the individual students has been both dramatic and generational. In 1990 the state picked up over 70 percent of the cost of a college degree; it now subsidizes less than 30 percent. And the longer one looks back in time the starker and more profound the unraveling of this particular social contract appears.

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"UW Will Get Its Own Ballot Box in 2012"

Responding to a formal request made by the 43rd District Democrats, yesterday King County Elections Director Sherril Huff announced that the University of Washington will get its own ballot box in time for the 2012 presidential election—meaning UW’s 42,000 students won’t have to pay 44 cents next year in order to vote.”

UW joins WWU in getting it’s own ballot box

"UW Professors Declare Support for Occupy Movement"

The dedicated students whom we teach at the University of Washington are being forced to pay more for tuition and go deeper into debt because of cuts in state funding, too often only to find themselves unemployed when they graduate.

The majority of college and university faculty positions are now insecure, part-time jobs. In addition, attacks on collective bargaining have been rampant throughout the nation, as job security, wages, health benefits, and pensions have been either reduced or slated for elimination.

Therefore, it is time to stand up for what is right. We applaud the action the Occupy Wall Street movement has taken to highlight the inequity and unfairness of the society in which we live.

We strongly support the movement and wish it every success. We are in this together.”

"Civics Lesson: UW Group Wants Voting Drop Box on Campus"

The big idea: A ballot drop box on campus. (Students can already register to vote when they sign up for classes online.) The concept comes from a program that’s already in place at Western Washington University, where turnout was 57 percent in the November 2010 election. UW’s voter turnout was 41 percent in that election.”

 (Image via http://mediad.publicbroadcasting.net/p/kplu/files/styles/card/public/201101/DropBox.jpg