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WA Gov. Inslee halts executions, will reprieve cases to come before him

Why Washington’s Jay Inslee Is the Greenest Governor in America

Attention, Jay Inslee: Now That You're Going to Be Governor, Stop Being Wrong on So Many Things

Okay, Jay. You won. It’s a narrow victory—51 to 49 as of the latest tally—but reliable projections say you’re going to win, so congrats. Congrats on ruining Republican Rob McKenna’s master plan to rule the universe (really!), and good job proving that Seattle Times publisher Frank Blethen can shell out $80,000 for pro-McKenna ads in his own damn newspaper and still not throw a governor’s race. Hurrah! Now let’s talk about a few things.

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Elway: Democrats Lead in All Statewide Executive Races

As has been reported elsewhere, a new Elway Poll confirms a small but consistent 44-41 lead for Democrat Jay Inslee over Republican Rob McKenna in Washington’s gubernatorial race, largely due to a 19 point gender gap. But perhaps more interesting is thatDemocrats are leading up and down the ticket, including races for open seats for attorney general and secretary of state, offices currently held by Republicans.

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New Elway Poll: "Inslee Closes Gap," Now Within Two Points of McKenna

The latest Elway Poll shows Democrat Jay Inslee gaining on Republican Rob McKenna in the governor’s race—and doing so “despite a higher proportion of Republican voters in this month’s sample.”
The current numbers: McKenna 42, Inslee 40 (with 18 percent of respondents undecided and a +/- 5 percent margin of error).
Elway’s takeaway: “The race for Governor may be a contest after all.”
My takeaway: Looks like Insee’s people, and his supporters, may have been right back in March when they cautioned against getting overly alarmed at Inslee’s then-lagging poll numbers. “All that carping that you’ve been hearing is hugely overstated and premature,” said one. “Your typical voter has not even begun to pay attention. This race is still totally fluid… All these people running around acting like the sky is falling need to chill for a bit and let Inslee make his case.”

"The 2012 question: will Latinos make a difference in McKenna-Inslee race?"

The race for Washington State Governor is heating up

"Sodexo, Villain to Student Activists, Caters Jay Inslee Event"

Careful Inslee*, every move matters. My college, Western Washington University, got Sodexo (and subsequently Chick-Fil-A) kicked off our campus. Don’t underestimate student activists

*Jay Inslee is the Democratic front-runner for Governor in Washington