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Federal judge: Denial of fed benefits to same-sex spouse is discriminatory

Basically a gay couple married in California before Prop 8 tried to enroll his husband in the federal health insurance plan and was denied because of DOMA.  The judge ruled that denying benefits based on sexual orientation and gender was discriminatory.  From the SF Chronicle:

On Tuesday, Chief U.S. District Judge James Ware said the denial of insurance benefits based on the sexual orientation and gender of Nathan’s spouse violated the federal court’s guarantee of a “discrimination-free workplace.”

Ware, acting as the administrator of the court’s employee dispute-resolution program, said he has no authority to force the courts’ national office to provide insurance coverage. Instead, he ordered the chief clerk of the San Francisco federal court to reimburse Nathan for the past and future costs of buying insurance for his husband.

The clerk, Richard Wieking, said Wednesday such orders by Ware and other judges pose a dilemma for court administrators, who must decide whether to follow their court’s antidiscrimination policies or legal directives from the national office requiring them to comply with the Defense of Marriage Act.

"How to Balance the Federal Budget (in Three Days) Read more"

the Commission not only managed to balance the budget in 2020 — they achieved a $12 billion surplus. They not only reformed Social Security — they guaranteed its long-term solvency. And they not only proposed to keep tax rates low — they found a way to keep them at or near their current levels for the next decade. And they did it all in three days.”

"transit and a shrinking u.s. government"

It’s important to separate, in all of our minds, two questions about urban services such as transit that often get confused:

  • Should urban services be subsidized by taxpayers to purchase their benefits to the whole community and economy?
  • At what level of government should this be done?”