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My article involving this Dear Cis People post is becoming more of an angry rant at cis scum rather than an educational post.


But really.. I am so sick of cis folks - especially those in the queer community - who make trans* issues about themselves. It is all too common, and despite your so-called reasoning - nothing can rightfully justify your cissexist behaviour. 

Cis folks: do us trans* folk a few favours, yeah?

  1. Stop.
  2. Sit down.
  3. Look at what you are doing.
  4. Think about it.
  5. Educate yourselves - without demanding or expecting OUR help. (Specifically take the time to look up ‘cissexism’, ‘cisgender privilege’, and ‘derailing’.)
  6. Lastly, do not insert your ignorant opinions on legitimate trans* issues that involve our safety and well-being. Hell, do not insert your opinions on trans* issues at all - unless we ask for them.

If you find that you are unwilling to do these things, because (insert bull shit reasons), then you are most likely ‘cis scum’ - and you can look up the definition of that too.

Where does this leave room for cis allies? Telling them to shut up and sit down and follow orders. To not take any initiative to go and fight for trans people without asking permission. 

Look, I’m against allies trying to speak for a community they aren’t a part of. But transphobia does affect more than trans people. Just like heterosexism affects more than queer people and sexism affects more than women. So before you jump down the throats of well meaning allies and call them scum, you might want to check yourself. Are you empowering allies and teaching them how to empower others, or are you shutting people down? Are you assuming all cis people are ignorant overpowering idiots or well-meaning allies who want to be educated and want to help. Consider that next time, especially before calling people cis-scum.

(Source: rileykonor, via projectqueer)

"What Gay Rights Activists Can Teach the Left About Winning"

"Nothing seems to provoke President Obama more than being challenged by the progressive base. Maybe that’s why it’s a tactic that works."

"Sodexo, Villain to Student Activists, Caters Jay Inslee Event"

Careful Inslee*, every move matters. My college, Western Washington University, got Sodexo (and subsequently Chick-Fil-A) kicked off our campus. Don’t underestimate student activists

*Jay Inslee is the Democratic front-runner for Governor in Washington 

"Glittering: trendy new tactic for some activists"

 ”Jake Goodman of Queer Rising, a grass-roots New York-based gay-rights group, lauded glittering as a “nonviolent way for us to fiercely show our condemnation” of political adversaries.”

"there's no such thing as an activist judge"

"The Federal courts have a very different function. And the Federal judges who have ruled the Defense of Marriage Act, Proposition 8, and now "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" unconstitutional, it turns out, are doing exactly what they’re supposed to do."